Essay Guide


1. Applicants are invited to submit and essay of between 2,500 and 3,500 words (excluding references and footnotes) which answers the following: Was Teresa May right when she said Sikh values are “values we need more than ever as we forge a new ambitious role for Britain in the world”.
2. The successful entry will demonstrate that they have carefully considered the objectives of the Guru Nanak Social Mobility Scholarship.

3. First Prize is £4,000 with one year of mentoring. Further prizes of mentoring and work placements may be available.

4. The essay must be typed; in double-spacing; include the title; state the word count; and the author. It must accompany the application form for the Scholarship.

5. Any form of plagiarism will be result in disqualification. Examples include:

  • Submitting someone else’s work or part of their work without giving credit.
  • Changing words but essentially copying an idea without giving credit.

6. It is acceptable to use quotes, and other’s ideas, but you must provide citation and sources.

7. Only one application is permitted per application.

8.The judges’ decision will be final. Feedback will not be provided.

9. The winning essay will be published by the Sikh Education Council and its partners. Other essays may also be published at our discretion.

10.Winners may refer to their Scholarship on their future applications and are expected to contribute to the running of the Scholarship and support its aims in the future.